House Rules Giethoorn Inn

Full of confidence we welcome you in our home.
If you like the atmosphere and respectfully treat our belongings you are most welcome!

Below you will find our house rules, please read them carefully! 

  • No smoking is allowed in or around the premisses (because of the fire insurance with thatched roof!
  • You can check in between 16.00h and 21.00h.
  • You can check out between 08.30h and 11.00h.
  • Of course you can always arrive earlier in consultation. 
  • The price of our cottage is 135 euro a night for 1 or 2 persons.
  • Including  tourist taxes, clean towels and bedclothes and cleaning. 
  • 155 Euro a night for 3 persons.
  • Breakfast is not included. But you can make your own in your kitchen. ! 
  • Book a duo-massage and you will receive a free breakfast for 1 or 2 people that morning. 
  • The use of fire and candles is prohibited both within the cottage as outside in the garden.
  • Please do not make loud noises, inside or outside the cottage, between 21.00h and 07.00h.
  • Animals are not allowed.
  • Without consultation with us, the house owners, bringing houseguests is not allowed.
  • Payment is up front.
  • Berry's and fruits are for private consumption, but civilized nibbling is allowed.
  • Carrying and using own cooking equipment is not allowed!
  • (fondue, frying, gourmet, grill-pan, etc.)
  • The House is not suitable for wheelchair guests and young children (0-8 years)
  • In and around this cottage you will find amongst other things;
    low doors and ceiling, steps, a slippery showerfloor, loose (door)mats, uneven flagstones in the garden and our little friend the mole keeps visiting us, so the lawn has holes and bumps.
    in short, a real lovely original country house.
  • We as owners cannot take responsibility for any kind of accident that might occur with our guests in and around the house.
  • We will ask you for your telephone number and name
  • Would you stay with us longer than a week?Use the long stay discount. 
  • By using our cottage you agree automatically in agreement with our House rules

Now that we have informed you of our house rules, 
we wish you a very happy stay! 

Please  confirm your stay with us by returning an email to or
if you like to speak to us you can reach us at our mobile phone:
(0031) (0) 6 28916912
Best regards, Els and Kier-Jan Jonkheer

Extra information if you like to read.

There is WI-FI available!

  • There is a aga-stove in the kitchen but not for using during the spring or summer.
  • In the postseason is also the Aga hot for an oven dish.
  • There is a two burner-induction hob in the kitchen for yours to cook
  • Our cottage is considered by many to be a lovely warm charming house with lots of privacy.
  • It does have the authentic low construction sizes from before 1900. ❤
  • There are various sleeping options;
    There is a good double luxury box spring in the upstairs room with 1 double mattress.
    You can choice for two persons or one person  blankets.
    Under the sloping hood there is a single bed with a real natural latex mattress. 
    When we live here, this little room is  our sewing and craft supplies room.
    But, when you rent this cottage feel free to use this cute English roses room for sleeping!
  • There are blackout curtains in the double bedroom and dark curtains in the rose room. 
  • ·There is a new shower for you only and your own toilet
  • ·The House is heated by central heating control.
  • ·Are present; plasma TV, c.d player, DVD Player, microwave oven, electric kettle, Senseo, a minibar, a fridge, 1 freezer tray and dishwasher. 
  • Outsite in the kota, you can also use your private washing machine. 

Very positive experienced by our guests;

  • You rent a whole cottage with private garden.
  • The spacious sunny warm living room/Conservatory in which you, by hatches in the ceiling,
  • control the light intensity.
  • The big tables inside and outside to sit down with each other.
  • Tasty (Swing-) chairs and a sofa. Also, lounge chairs for outdoor
  • The space in the sunny private garden and the shady pergola with table.
  • Parking (both) cars right outside (particularly for Giethoorn) and the own bicycle shed.
  • The beautiful location close to the hiking and cycling paths, nature and culture.
  • Giethoorn is founded/arise on the other side of our street.
  • This particular part of giethoorn; It has everything giethoorn makes famous. Giethoorn-Nord; only without the throngs of tourists on the narrow paths. They are in Giethoorn South 10 minutes with bicycle.
  • 3 Restaurants, bike rental, boat trips and boats on minutes walk!