Giethoorn-Inn is a complete Cottage

Giethoorn-Inn is a complete cottage with its own parking space for the door.
A luxury for Giethoorn. There is wifi and a lovely south-facing garden.
Also a delicious grape pergola with which you can sit in the shade. There is also a bike shed for you only.

Giethoorn-Noord has made everything Giethoorn famous just without buses tourists. Those in Giethoorn-South.The restaurants, the boats and the picturesque bridges are within a 5-minute walk of our front door.

You have a microwave at your disposal. A two-ring stove can be placed if you stay with us midweek or upon request. In the off season, the AGA is also warm for a oven dish.
If you want to stay for longer than one week then you can use the long-term discount.

Feel free to contact us via email;

NB The property is not suitable for young children and pets.
(See Additional Info / House Rules tab)


Bed & Breakfast
Giethoorn Inn

Kier en Els Jonkheer
Beulakerweg 46
8355 AJ Giethoorn

Mobiel: 06 28 916 912
Mon. aan vr.: 8:00 - 17:00